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What can I do for you?

My average customers know perfectly their product, their audience and their goals.
Quite fairly, they could not care less about how translation, localization or engineering processes work.
They need to have their stuff translated into Spanish.
And that’s exactly what I do. Leave all the technical details to me.
I will be happy to share them with you, but if you have other priorities I will understand. I won’t blame you.
Here’s a sample of what I can do for you.



The mother of it all.

Needless to say, if you are addressing a foreign customer, you must use a language he/she understands.
A professional Spanish translation service will act as your voice to your customers outside your country. Therefore, make sure that your voice is clearly heard and perfectly understood.
Technical translations without mistakes, using the correct terminology and an appropriate register. A committed service, not just a copy-and-paste mashup.
I will use the most advanced tools in the market in order to make sure that everything fits in place. SDL Trados, Wordfast, MemoQ, MateCat… the best technology at your service.


Do. Business. Abroad.

Software localization. Right.
Operating systems? Check.
Apps? Check.
Air conditioning? Websites? TV shows? Pasta packaging? Yes, and a whole lot more.
Localization -L10N when you run out of space- means adapting a product (virtually ANY product) to a foreign audience.
It does imply translation, but it also consists in checking all the components of your product and change what needs changing so that your foreign customers feel that it has been designed EXCLUSIVELY for them. Language, cultural patterns (including taboos), currency and local measuring system… The list goes on, avoiding funny misconceptions and potentially offensive/ridiculous/scare-the-buyer-away content you may not notice. But they surely will.
I’ve enjoyed a privileged insight at the localization world as translator, Project Manager, DTP artist and consultant. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry (check it out here), so there is a high chance I can help you localize your product smoothly for the Spanish market.


Tell me how you speak
and I’ll tell you who’s listening.

You may have crafted a fantastic website, a stunning video game or a thorough user guide for your device. However, before you launch the product, you are assailed by doubt.
Am I making myself clear?
Will people get my drift?
Am I a bore?
Here’s exactly where Language Consulting comes into play.
If you feel that something is missing but can’t guess what exactly it is, I will help you check your material, understand the who’s, why’s and how’s of your text and make the best possible version of it. So that your audience falls in love with what you have to offer.



Sure, you want to dive
into foreign markets.
Get serious about it.

Get serious about it.
Your business or website is doing just fine in your home country. In fact, you are pretty sure it is going to be a hit all over the world, so you are seriously considering going global. Or maybe just your neighbour country.
Different people, different language, yes. But different culture, too. And different rules, colours, sizes, currency… It wasn’t going to be that easy, was it?
Your product seems to be in need of some internationalization.
I can help you understand the foreign market you are targeting and get inside your potential customer’s mind, then make sure that your product is still genuinely yours but fits into their culture like a glove and is perceived as designed by a local.
Natural touch and feel, some may say.


Please speak slowly.

This is dirty work. Tapes, video clips and recordings with long, long speeches and dialogs that must be extracted and carved in paper. Or an Excel sheet, for that matter.
I can help you create a tidy, easily readable script or document from your audio & video material so that you can reuse its content for a higher purpose.
A neat Spanish transcription of (nearly) any multimedia file.
Conferences and seminars, video tutorials and guides, commercials, TV & Internet shows… just let me know and I will make you SEE what you HEARD.


(un)invited guests showing up in your movie.

Either we are dealing with foreign viewers, hearing impaired folk or simply language learners, subtitling is an extremely helpful way to have your audience digest what’s being said.
Because you want to make sure that your message is understood in as many ways as possible. I can help you add perfectly synchronized Spanish subtitles to your documentaries, promotional material, learning courses or entertainment clips using a variety of state-of-the-art tools and help you deliver your content more efficiently.


Twist and shout those words.

The customer is always right, sales people say. True or not, if you are selling a product you MUST speak your customer’s language. The way they speak it. Spanish, in this case.
I can help you dive into your perfect customer’s jargon and create a beautiful adaptation of your guides, scripts or marketing material in order to make sure you hit the right spot on their hearts and brains.
Tailored Spanish transcreation. Just tell me how you would like it.


Not sure about what the previous translator did.

Sometimes a translation is just too important to be published or sent away without asking for a second opinion.
True as ever, two pairs of eyes are better than one, so I will help you turn a good translation into a perfect one. Or confirm that your previous translator already did a perfect job. I can get as picky as you need and explain where and how a text can be improved.
A custom Spanish proofreading service that meets YOUR needs (and not mine, for that sake).

Glad to hear you

If you have any potential project you’d like to discuss, feel free to drop a line.

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