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Technology localization


Build, update, stand out.

Today’s world cannot be conceived without a high dose of technology. Millions of IT products are launched every year to the global market. So Technical Translations go hand in hand with it. A well-crafted localization of your project guarantees that your product will stand out above the crowd. Key Areas: Software, Hardware, Operating Systems, Business Solutions, Working Platforms, Video Games.
Engineering localization


When experts talk to experts.

Truth is, some translations are just not meant for everybody. Automotive, industrial machinery, home appliances, hardcore mechanical and electric engineering translations… all these are complex puzzles that must be handled by expert hands in order to recreate the original image into a different language. I am proud to admit that I have dealt with a few hundred projects in this field obtaining a (roughly) 99% satisfaction rate. Experience here is key, do not leave complex puzzles to amateurs. Key areas: Electric & Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, Home & Industrial Appliances, User Guides, Part Schemes, Patents.
Marketing localization


It is not just what you say. It is how you say it.

Marketing content has some magic of its own. When properly crafted, a marketing message sticks into your customers’ brain and leaves them under your enchantment. Marketing serves a single purpose: understand your customers and help you serve them in the best possible way with your products. Marketing texts have plenty of read-between-the-lines content, and when it comes to crafting Spanish Marketing Translations, you need a content expert with solid knowledge on modern marketing mechanics, capable of taking your message and intention to your eager customers. Let me help you with that. Key areas: Digital Marketing, SEO, Social networks, Brochures, Ad Campaigns, Company Portfolio, Product Positioning, Market Research.
World Wide Web localization

World Wide Web

Your website is your ultimate showcase to the world out there.

Your website works fabulously in your native language. Make a good translation into Spanish (or, better said, website localization) and you will boost your customer base. Make a cheap, hurried translation and you will lose them forever. Key Areas: Corporate Websites, e-Commerce, Social Networks, Blogs, Online Guides, Product Catalogs.
Multimedia localization


Share and shine.

The rushed evolution of the Internet and, subsequently, the way we understand reality nowadays has a lot to do with the explosion of new multimedia formats. Multimedia is now a vital part of communication for any business: podcasts, vlogs, corporate channels, iTV are here to stay and share room with the more classic media formats such as movies & series, television and radio, which still deserve a great deal of respect in terms of audience and reach. In a nutshell: if you plan to become somebody on the WWW and beyond, you need to deploy a wise multimedia strategy and have it properly localized. Multimedia localization into Spanish will grant you a faithful audience. Key Areas: Video & Audio Feeds, E-learning, Transcription, Media Content Management.
Tourism localization


Travellers all over the world need to know about your place.

Travel is one of the greatest pleasures in life. For modern-day travellers, reaching any place in this planet is easier than ever. Information about destinations is available everywhere. Whether you have a place to advertise or a site dedicated to travel, that means a lot of competition. I will make sure that your content –whether it is a website, a travel community or advertising material for a specific event– will be professionally translated so that your potential Spanish-speaking visitors find your stuff simply irresistible. Your tourism website translated into Spanish = More visits. Simple as that. Key areas: Travel Guides, Tourist Communities, Official Tourist Boards, Cultural Events, Content Review, Travel Websites.

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