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Share Your Words

Half a billion
Spanish speakers
are listening


Professional Language Services
since 2001

Share your words

Half a billion
Spanish speakers
are listening

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World Wide Web

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Language Consulting, Localization and Spanish Translations since 2001

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What I Offer

I find the appropriate words to spread your MESSAGE to your Spanish audience.
I listen to your requirements and shape them in order to produce the best possible translation.

AVOID unnecessary paperwork and corporate bottlenecks to get your translations done.
You deal directly with a freelancer. I will personally manage all your stuff.
No agents, no middlemen, no hidden costs or commissions.
Straight to the point.

SURE, large multilingual, million-word projects require a bigger infrastructure.
Something corporate language service providers can provide.
BUT if you need a single entry point to take care of your man-sized projects, and avoid having your questions and answers forwarded to a dozen team members from different departments, you should definitely choose a dedicated freelancer. Like me.
AND if you require some additional help –because of tight deadlines or unexpected turns of events–, I can rely on a few brilliant fellow translators in order to help your project meet its deadline.

Quick replies to all your messages and questions. Again, I am your sole entry point for all your translation and localization requests, which makes things easier to both parties.
Quicker deliveries as the finished material does not have to be forwarded to different teams. I translate, edit, proofread and deliver the material myself following your indications.

I’m all for friendliness and relaxed partnerships. But of course, we are talking business here. As a professional, you do expect flawless, on-time deliveries. That’s one of my commitments.

Carlos La Orden Insideloc

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